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If you are just interested in getting a Google Ads Credit offer, just  Click Here to get this offer. If you want to get some knowledge as well for better understanding please continue reading this brief article below.

What is Google Ads

Google Adwords is a PPC advertising service on the Google search engine and partners, you only pay when someone is interested and clicks on your ad. There is three major  Google Adwords ads formate like a text ad, image ad, flash or video ad:

  • Text advertising on Google search engines and partners: advertising messages only appear at the top of the page or the first page when users actively search for keywords related to your products/services.
  • Ads displayed on the Google Adsense partner website system: advertising messages (text, images, flash, video) appear based on the website content that the user is following, targeting the right target that the customer is care.
  • Ads in Gmail: allows you to target users with sophisticated targeting signals and high-impact ad formats like notifications.


  • Everyone uses Google: this is the world's No. 1 search engine, accounting for more than 96% of the market share in Vietnam. It is so famous that people have a saying "If you don't know something, Google it".
  • Advertise the right target customers: Ads only appear when users search or track information related to products and services that you provide.
  • Low cost per customer: You only pay when the user is interested and clicks on the advertising message by PPC charging method.
  • Suitable for all budgets: You can adjust the budget as you like, adjust the keyword auction high and low flexibly, and be flexible throughout the campaign.
  • Appear anytime, anywhere: can appear 24×7 or worldwide or you can adjust the time as you like, choose a locality where you want your ad to appear, it's that easy. Ads appear on both desktop and mobile devices.


Google is one of the leading reputable companies providing different effective and economical services including Google Adwords service. The implementation process is clear and the campaign effectiveness can be assessed:

  • Choose keywords (keywords): analyze keywords with professional support tools such as Keyword Tool, Google Keyword Planner, Google Trends; then choose the right keywords to target the right potential customers with high buying ability.
  • Building a landing page (landing page): consulting on building an effective sales page with a compatible user interface (UI / UX) and the full content of 3 www factors: What (sell something), Who (sell to someone) who - who sells), Why (why buy) to convince customers to buy.
  • Advertising message: short, concise, attractive; fully represent the product or service you are offering.
  • Full-featured: integrated map, display call button, phone number and extension links
  • Campaign optimization: choose the right locale, edit keywords, change the budget, adjust the bid.
  • Measure effectiveness: report campaign by keyword, locality, competition; evaluate campaign effectiveness using Bit.ly, Google Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics.
  • Low management costs: a variety of advertising service packages with different suitable fees to help you choose the right one

Bottom Line

There are many ways of finding free Google Ads promo codes or ad credits. Remember that each promo code has a different offer with varying amounts of free ad credit and eligibility requirements,

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