BLW: 20 Foods To Start Healthy And Practical

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If you are considering that your baby's complementary feeding be a BLW (Baby Led Weaning) type, you will be very excited (frantic) looking for foods to offer him in the first weeks.

Relax, here is a list of foods to start with BLW and suggestions on how to offer them.

In reality, you will need very little food at first… and a lot of rags and mops.

When you start BLW, your little one will be six months old or older and will be improving their skills day by day. Surely he already grabs everything he catches in front of him with his hand, but he does not control his strength or where he directs what he has grabbed.

BLW is good training and you will get better control over where you direct your hand and how hard you grab things (or food). And, by the way, he learns to eat; D.

At first, it will be quite difficult for him to get the food into his mouth, in fact, the first few times he will hardly eat (there are always exceptions). But don't worry because at this stage the fundamental thing for its correct nutrition is still milk. Gradually he will eat more, just give him time and space to learn and experiment.

Foods for BLW: what to consider

You must observe what is best for him and what costs him more so that he does not go crazy the first few times. For the first few weeks keep the following in mind:

  • If the food is too soft, he will crush it when he closes his fist or it will break too much for him to pick up the pieces and eat them. Although sucking hands is also very entertaining, hehehe.

  • If they are very hard, your gums will not be able to grind them (it is not the teeth that grind but the molars).

  • They should not be hot or cold, of course.

  • If you offer him very small pieces, it will be impossible for him to take them for a few months when he masters the index-thumb clamp.

  • Medium chunks can cause you to choke. Better big and that he sucks and crushes with his gums while he grabs it.

  • He may have allergies so don't offer several new foods together or you won't know which one caused the allergy.

Getting started with BLW

Well, now that we more or less understand why some foods are better than others, how do we give them to them?

  • Offer new foods one at a time. You offer him food and after three days you can normally add the next one if the first one did not give him an allergy. Offering food is that you put it in front of him and that's it. Don't put it in his mouth, that's dangerous. The baby will manage even if you are not very convinced now (don't worry, in a couple of months it will seem very easy).

  • Offer him pieces a little larger than his fist so he can suck on the protruding part.

  • The shape that works best for them is usually elongated sticks.

  • Crush the food with your fingers to check if it is too hard.  He thinks he will chew them with his gums.

  • Always control the temperature, especially if you have just cooked it or have heated it in the microwave.

  • Once you have introduced several foods to his diet, offer him two or three different things at each meal of a different type. Thus, you will play with the flavors and textures while obtaining a balanced diet. For example, you can offer him a pancake and baked apple.

  • Don't take your eyes off him while he eats. Never trust yourself. Let's avoid scares.

  • Observe day by day what is going well for him and adapt what you offer to his abilities.

  • For the first few days, he will barely eat. He will be too busy crushing and trying to take what you offer him. Don't worry and let him learn.

  • Don't interfere all the time cleaning, giving him, telling him what to do. Imagine how you would feel trying something completely new and being instructed all the time.

Last but not least, relax! Although I admit that at first, I was nervous, lost, hahaha. The fact is that the little ones notice our tension. So if you can't relax, fake it. Let him do it without taking his eyes out.

That said, here is a list of healthy and practical foods for the first few weeks. Think that if you are going to offer new food every three days or so, in the first nine days you will only need three.

They are suggestions, foods that we have liked. The most appropriate order is the one that best suits you according to the seasonal products that you have available in your area. I have listed vegetables first, then cereal products, and finally fruit. We were mixing one and the other and things turned out very well. 

Food ideas to get you started with BLW

  1. Cooked or roasted potato in strips type fried potato.

  2. Cooked green beans.

  3. Broccoli. Give him the twig. Don't overcook it or it will fall apart in your hand as soon as you touch it.

  4. Cucumber in strips or sticks, without skin or seeds. Of the softest, which are juicier. Of the hard ones DO NOT give him.

  5. Cooked or roasted zucchini in chunky chunks larger than your fist or strips even though they fall apart too much.

  6. Carrot cooked or roasted in strips.

  7. Sweet potato cooked or roasted in strips or large pieces.

  8. Pumpkin roasted in large chunks or strips.

  9. Avocado in half-moons. It will be difficult for him to eat it if it is very ripe because he will crush it but he will have a great time.

  10. Bread without salt.

  11. Rice pancakes or rice with other cereals without salt. Updated. This post is a year old but it is now recommended to avoid rice pancakes due to arsenic in young children. Best pancakes (crepes using water instead of milk), pancakes (water instead of milk), or French omelet (egg only). It is also known that, with few exceptions, eggs should not be avoided. Also, these foods are softer and some like you better. The disadvantage is that you have to prepare them.

  12. Corn pancakes (or any cereal other than rice) without salt. Be careful, some are too hard and can choke.

  13. Salt-free breadsticks.

  14. Cooked macaroni. With a pair, he arrives and he has plenty of the first days.

  15. Thick cooked oatmeal. They get pretty dirty but they like it.

  16. Egg tortilla.

  17. Pear in quarters. soft varieties. That it is ripe but not too ripe so that it slips out of your hand when you pick it up or crushes it completely.

  18. Apple. some floury varieties in huge pieces can be given to suck, I recognize that the scare or tragedy does not compensate. Better as in the video.

  19. Melon in strips.

  20. Papaya.

  21. Watermelon in strips.

  22. Banana. Offer him a third or so.

  23. Persimmon peeled into large pieces. It's slippery.

  24. Strawberries or large strawberries. Now it is no longer recommended to avoid them until the year. I had to wash my little ones' faces right after or they would turn like tomatoes.

Suggestions on how to offer it are just that, suggestions. It is you who must observe your baby know what is best for him.

They get dirty but nothing that can't be fixed with a rag, mop, and water. If you have a dog, he will gladly help you, hahaha. What had we said? Relax, right?

This BLW thing is much easier than it seems, what happens is that our generation is used to mush. Once you start, there is no turning back.