News from Apple at its Peek Event on March 18, 2022

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iPhone SE 2022

It is a third-generation iPhone. Apple brings its most powerful processor for mobile devices and 5G to its most expensive, cheapest and most conservative phone. Or what is the same, the latest in connectivity and the most powerful chip on the smartphone market? And after the lime, comes the sand: Apple still does not change the design. That is, this phone still looks like the iPhone 8, a phone from 2017.

Quite thick frames and a button on the front will come in handy for those users who prefer the physical over touch screens and gestures, which not everyone manages. There will also be no facial recognition, so it will continue to use Touch ID or what is the same, the fingerprint.

The recommended starting price is 529 euros, slightly higher than the previous generation, and can be purchased from March 18.

New iPad Air 2022

Apple iPads are the most desired models, the best sellers and there have been times when it has been the only interesting tablet on the market. The iPad Air has always been a very attractive premium mid-range model for those looking for modern design and power without going for almost a thousand euros for the Pro models.

The main surprise is that it mounts the M1 processor, a computer chip that anticipates a performance capable of dealing precisely with laptops. As it also has USB-C, the option of 5G connectivity, compatibility with accessories such as keyboards or mice and a 10.9 "retina quality touch screen, the result is that whoever needs a computer for basic office automation, navigation or watching videos, You have a serious candidate here.

The starting price is 679 euros and will be available from 679 euros. Keep in mind that for that price there are many laptops.

Mac Studio

Apple has introduced new processors and with them, new computers aimed at professionals, both for its features and its price. For those who know a little about Apple's product catalogue, the Mac mini is a compact tower ideal for home use, but the models presented were supercharged Mac Minis.

They are M1 Max and M1 Ultra processors with 10 and 20 cores respectively, a real bullshit, RAM in abundance with versions of 32, 64 and 128GB and the option to connect up to 4 monitors to these small but thugs that look like a box of cookies. To make a comparison: most powerful home computers probably have 6 cores and 16GB of RAM.

On March 18, the one with the M1 Max processor and the one with the M1 Ultra chip will go on sale at a starting price of 2,329 euros.

Apple Studio Display

The Apple Studio Display is a fairly ambitious peripheral with a professional vocation. It is a 27-inch monitor with a Retina panel with 5K resolution and up to 600 nits of brightness and True Tone technology that adjusts colours. The design is the most interesting, built-in aluminium and with a flexible design capable of tilting the screen up to 30 degrees and an arm that allows various positions, from raising the screen to rotating the screen and placing it vertically.

Although it is a monitor, Apple has integrated a processor for some processing, a 12MP wide-angle camera that can be used as a webcam and a sound proposal of 4 woofers and 2 tweeters placed in different areas to offer Dolby Atmos stereo sound. . It is a good monitor for creative professionals due to its characteristics.

The starting price is 1,779 euros and it will be available on March 18, but be careful because it is giving a lot to talk about for several little things.

It is true that the resolution is of the highest level in the audiovisual field but it must be said that it has disappointed me a bit. And it is that for its price it could be larger or mount an OLED panel.

Another detail that is stinging is that it comes with adjustable tilt support. Well, there is another version that also allows you to adjust the height and that costs 2,239 euros. It was almost 500 euros more. Apple is an expensive brand, but some decisions are difficult to understand.