Russia Gives Mariupol An Ultimatum To Surrender

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Russia called on the Ukrainian armed forces to leave Mariupol city in southeastern Ukraine before this noon on Monday.

"All things considered, the coordinated takeoff from the city will happen as follows: from 10 to 12 o'clock generally Ukrainian armed units and foreign soldiers without weapons and ammunition along a route agreed with Ukraine authorities," said Mikhail Mizintsev, head of (RNDCC) Russia's National Defense Control Center.

"Put down your arms like you don't have any equipment," the colonel general said in a report conveyed by the Ministry of Defense. “A humanitarian Mizintsev added. "Everyone among people who set out their arms is ensured safe section out of Mariupol." 

The city is already suffering from bombardments since Russia invaded Ukrainian Land on February 24. about 400,000 residents remain stuck in the city with little or no more food to eat, water, and electricity.

Ukraine still running at 5 am Moscow time to respond to humanitarian corridors and the arms deposition, he said, without providing evidence, said that "bandits", "neo-Nazis" and Ukrainian side nationalists have already engaged in "mass terror" and carried a massacre in the city.

Ukrainian authorities said that they are fighting for its very existence and President Zelensky said on Saturday that the Russian Federation siege of Mariupol was "a terror that will be remembered for years to come." The Ukrainian specialists conceded that they were in a situation to send their thoroughly prepared fortifications to the city.

Mizintsev claims that Russia was not using its so-called heavy weapons against Mariupol city and that his country had evacuated 59,304 people from that city, but that 130,000 innocent people remained there. He said 330,686 people had been evacuated from Ukraine by Russia since the start of the "military operation," as Russian authorities call the war.

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