Why 98% Of Weight Loss Is Temporary - How To Lose Well

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You know the whole sequence. You go on a diet, exercise, cut down the foods that you enjoy, lose weight and then even before you're done with celebrating your relatively slim body, it's all back! What's wrong with you? Why can't you just make your weight loss stick?

Is it because you don't have the right genes? Or because you like eating a lot? (Who doesn't??) Or perhaps because you eat the wrong kinds of food? Maybe because you don't exercise enough? No! Stop beating yourself up.

Let's have a look at the statistics from a research survey. 9500 participants were selected randomly from different backgrounds and lifestyles. People from both genders, all the major races and all the age groups participated from all over the United States. 

The response received from these participants unveiled some very interesting patterns pointing to the causes behind the failure in keeping off weight permanently.

First of all, it seemed like losing weight is one of the most difficult tasks with only a 2% success rate in the long term. As I will tell you in a second, it is the easiest of tasks if done rightly, otherwise, it's not the most difficult, it's virtually impossible!


Also, it was obvious that the failures occurring within 1 week had to do a lot with fad diets because the apparent weight loss in the first week for those who dropped out of their weight loss plan in 1 week or sooner was a lot more than the weight loss apparent in other longer-lasting efforts. 

It showed very clearly that fad diets don't work even if they initially result in fast and apparent weight loss because that loss is from muscle and water loss NOT fat loss.

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Now back to the survey... Let's have a look at the responses to 2 really important questions asked:

Q1) Why did they drop out of the weight loss effort?

A whopping 78% recited lack of motivation as the prime reason! Another 11% said they thought the effort would fail anyway so what was the use of wasting time and energy...

Q2) Were they using any special assistance in their weight loss effort apart from the regular diet and exercise plan?

97% responded NO.

2.3% responded they were receiving psychological and motivational assistance to go with their diet and exercise plan.


Since the number of successful respondents was very low, we will analyze the exact numbers rather than percentages now.

Only 188 out of 9500 responded that they were successful with their weight loss effort (effort lasting more than 6 months and resulting in genuine fat loss). 

Out of those 188, 171 availed some kind of psychological or psycho-somatic assistance! Only 17 out of 188 had strong enough willpower and determination to do it on their own! In other words, 91% of the successful respondents availed mind-related assistance to go with their diet and exercise plan! 

Also conversely, 171 out of 219 availing mind assistance succeeded on their weight loss effort compared to 17 out of 9281 who did it without involving their minds!

Think about it! Out of 2% successful weight loss efforts, 91% were assisted psychologically or psycho-somatically!

Would you be upset with a runner who didn't win the race, if he had his hands and feet tied?


Trying to lose weight without psycho-somatic assistance is similar to running in a race with your hands and feet tied!

Fad Diets don't work because they are flawed at the grassroots level!

A fad diet is a term that is used to describe the whole array of short-term, ad-hoc diet approaches that is used to temporarily lose weight by unsafe and unrealistic methods.

There is a new method in the market every other day falling in this category. Fat diets work like this in general:

  • For a short period (10 days to 1 month), your diet is restricted to a select collection of bad-tasting health foods or recipes. Also, you're told to minimize your eating in this period. The diets vary a lot but generally, fats are completely avoided in these diets.

  • As a reaction to this 'starvation diet', initially, your body cells lose water and there is a rapid apparent loss of weight (due to water loss).

  • After the initial water loss period, as you continue to starve, your body starts to burn your muscle mass to keep up with the energy needs. It will still not start burning fats which is the basic reason behind obesity. And as you avoid fats in your diet in this period, your body will try to preserve every pound of fat that it has in its store.

  • If the dieter goes on with the fad diet for about 2 weeks to 1 month, eventually most of the muscle mass is burnt and then the body starts burning the stored fats having no other alternative to stay alive. But the dieter starts getting weaker, gets lazy and is not able to perform or live well in this initial stage of fat loss because it requires a lot more effort and time for the body to produce energy from fat rather than from muscle.

  • And finally, something breaks and generally, it's the diet plan (and thankfully enough because otherwise the dieter will be starved to death losing fat). At this stage, the dieter is back to his normal eating but as that happens, initially the body is perplexed. It thinks some kind of joke is being played upon it. First, a food supply that wouldn't keep a mouse going.. and now.. you're feeding like an elephant.

  • So the body takes some time before it's back to re-structuring your muscle and during this time, it stores most of the food intake as excess fats.

  • So at the end of it all, the dieter is back to his initial weight gaining back all the weight he lost and quite often, a little bit more.

That's how fad diets fail, every single time they're followed, 100% of the time! because they're destined to fail. 

As described above, one cannot lose weight permanently with fad diets without starving himself to death. So fat diet approach is flawed at the basic level. It can never successfully make you slim.

The indispensable role of Mind Training in a weight loss effort

You have always been told that it's your mind that is primarily responsible for all the successes that come about in your life. Even in those fields and situations, where it might seem that the mind has a secondary role to play, it's still the magic inside the brain that makes you win.

To be successful in any effort, endeavour or environment, you must be able to change and control that environment or endeavour. And it is the use of one's own mind that is ultimately his sole means of achieving that goal.

Likewise, in a weight loss effort, your mind is your most important tool that determines if the effort is going to be a successor will doom to failure. At the end of the day, to be successful in a weight loss effort, you have to control and use the power of the mind as your primary tool along with the diet and exercise plan.

It is your mind, thoughts and the various associated mental states like nervousness, depression, anger, guilt, impatience etc. that are the initiating causes and materializing factors in making and keeping you overweight. 

So naturally, if your mind is responsible for your overweight-ness (by making you eat in ways that make you fat), only your mind can work as a senior partner in getting rid of that weight and keeping it off permanently.

It's very simple to understand and appreciate the direct role of the mind in a weight loss effort's success. If you can somehow bribe your mind to help you in losing weight, it will make your body (and you) change its dietary attitudes and your feelings towards eating. 

When that happens, naturally the next thing that changes is the act of eating itself. And when you eat differently, you weigh differently!

So to make the long story short, it truly is the power of your mind that adds the most powerful possible success leverage to any diet or exercise program.


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